Privacy Policy

Information collected

Skål Celebrations runs official accounts on social media by understanding that social media is a place for communication based on a tie among individuals and that information is disclosed to the public and cannot be completely eliminated once dispatched, encouraging communication in a moderate manner as a sensible participant and complying with the following items.

Our web server, like virtually all on the Internet, logs activity. Your activity here will be logged. Information contained in such logs will include your IP address and/or domain name, browser type, computer platform, and related information that you permit your web browser to automatically provide to us. This does not, however, include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, or other information that identifies you individually.

Opt out: If you do not want your activity on our web site logged, then you may opt not to visit our web site.


The only circumstances under which we collect personal information about you, such as your name, address, etc., is when you actively choose to provide it to us. You may send us e-mail, or complete a form online, where we will ask for this information in the conduct of business. If you choose to provide it to us, it will be used only in the conduct of business, and for no other purpose.

Opt out: If you do not want your personal information collected for the conduct of business, then you may opt not to provide it to us, and may opt not to do business with us. If you wish us to stop using any of this information for whatever purpose, you may contact us with your request.


Our electronic newsletter is e-mailed to individuals with whom we have, or have had, a business-related relationship. It is also e-mailed to select individuals who are familiar with our organization, and who we believe may have an interest in receiving it.

Opt out: If you do not wish to receive copies of our electronic newsletter, simply follow the unsubscribe instructions that are contained in each edition of the newsletter, or contact us in writing with your name and e-mail address, along with your request to be removed from the mailing.


Our web server maintains session state information using cookies, as do most web servers on the Internet. The cookies we save contain only session state management information necessary for our site to function properly. We do not save your personal information in cookies, nor do we collect information from other cookies on your computer.

Opt out: If you do not want our web server to use cookies, then you may configure your browser not to accept them. By doing so, however, our web site may not function properly, at which you point you may opt not to visit our web site.


We may, from time-to-time, update our privacy policy without notice. The most current and accurate version of this policy shall always remain available on our web site for your review.