Stockholm International School – Danderyd Curling Club

Client’s Request:

When a new group of expats arrived to the area, the Stockholm International School hired Skål Celebrations asking for an activity that would introduce the new arrivals to other expat couples. The goal was to find an interesting and fun way for everyone to meet and connect with one another.


As the result of conversations with our client, we decided the sport of curling would accomplish the goal.  Most people have not had the opportunity to try curling so it would be a new experience for everyone involved. Skål contacted the Danderyd Curling Club and found a sponsor for the event who donated prizes. Then, we hired an instructor to teach the group how to play. After several matches were completed, we arranged for the group to gather for pizza and prizes. During an ending award ceremony, everyone was able to connect on a deeper level in a celebratory atmosphere.