Tour of Gamla Stans Polkagriskokeri

Client’s Request:

Valentine’s Day was fast approaching. Our Stockholm-based client wanted to send parcels home to colleagues in their U.S.-based offices.  They wanted to send something unique and delicious that could only be found in Sweden and didn’t cost a fortune.  The client asked for a team-building exercise where his team would make something unique and delicious that could then be mailed to their colleagues in the United States.


Skål organized a tour of the Gamla Stan Polkagriskokeri candy shop in the heart of the Old Town of Stockholm. The shop sells nothing but old-fashioned candy canes and hard candies in all sorts of flavors from classic peppermint to berry-flavored and licorice ones. The highlight of the shop is its workshop, where, behind a pane of glass, the staff hand-rolls and hand-cuts the candy canes as shoppers watch the process.

After the tour, Skål arranged for the group to learn how to make their very own Swedish candy canes. Everyone brought the candies they made back to the office so our client was able to send the packages off to colleagues in the USA. Team members had fun connecting with one another while doing something fun for their colleagues in the U.S.

In addition, the Swedes are very rule-abiding citizens and rarely bend to make exceptions or favors for anyone. While negotiating a rate for this tour and the lesson, Skål was able to convince the owner to give the group a 20% discount on any purchases they made on that day. Therefore, everyone also stocked up for Valentine’s Day!