Stockholm International School – Evening Sunset at Josefina’s

Client’s Request:

The Stockholm International School (SIS) accepted a new group of families and were looking for ways for the parents to meet and mingle.  These families were coming from all over the world and SIS wanted everyone to feel welcome and part of a community. Some had just gotten off the plane the night before and others had been in Stockholm a few weeks prior. Our client wanted this first meet up to be easy and captivating for everyone.


After offering the client some ideas, we decided that a casual drink at Josefina’s restaurant (a local favorite) while watching the sunset was a perfect set up for their guests to drop in and make some new friends. In order to ensure everyone mixed and mingled, we came up with an ice breaker exercise that encouraged participants to seek others with commonalities (i.e., find someone who is from Australia. . . who has 3 children . . . who is a doctor, etc.). This exercise got everyone talking, laughing and creating new, lasting relationships.