Stockholm International School – Dala Horse Painting

Client’s Request:

Mothers from the Stockholm International School (SIS) come from different countries and cultures. Many of them felt sad and lost having left everything behind to go live abroad. Therefore, the School was unsure how to help them bond and create everlasting friendships. Skål was asked to design a team building event that would achieve the goal of developing a sense of community among these women. 


Skål Celebrations booked a room at SIS and set it up for a fun painting session. We arranged for a Swedish artist to teach the group how to paint the traditional Swedish Dala Horse. Though she was not fluent in English, the artist demonstrated each technique step-by-step so the women could paint these traditional wooden horses. The women were randomly divided into groups where they could easily paint, talk, laugh, and share stories.   

We also asked each person to bring a small dish from their home country that they could share with the group.  Each woman was happy to introduce their dish to their new friends.  While they let the paint dry on their Dala Horses, they snacked on the tasty treats that everyone had contributed.

Skål set up a FiKA for the women. FiKA in Swedish means ‘coffee and cake break’ – making time for friends and colleagues to share a cup of coffee (or tea) and a little something to eat. It is also a state of mind or an attitude. The women felt at ease in this setting and quickly bonded so the client’s goal was achieved.