O’Leary’s Trivia & Karaoke Night

Client’s Request:

March brings dreary weather to Sweden. So when March rolls around, many expats living in Sweden are homesick. They’ve been away from the US for more than a year or two, are tired of the same old “Swedish” meat and potato dishes, and are hungry for hamburgers and fries – something truly American!   Our client asked us to create a team building event that would bring a taste of the USA to Sweden.


Skål Celebrations organized an American dinner at O’ Leary’s Pub which included trivia and karaoke.  Early on we spent time getting acquainted with our client and quickly learned that they enjoyed being challenged. Therefore, we created a trivia game so that attendees could be divided into teams. Skål found sponsors who donated wine and a variety of liquor as prizes for the winning trivia team. Then, to add an addition element of fun, those in attendance participated in karaoke. The spirit of competition with both trivia and karaoke created an uplifting evening of team building while delivering a taste of the USA in Sweden.