Kraftskiva! Crayfish Party

Client’s Request:

Skål’s client wanted to immerse his team into the Swedish culture and had no idea how to do so.  He learned that there was a traditional celebration during the summertime, but did not have the time or energy to learn what that entailed.  He asked us to host and create a Kraftskiva event. Kraftskiva is a crayfish party that the Nordic countries traditionally celebrate in August.


Skål Celebrations was hired not only to research the holiday, but to create something similar so that our client’s team would be able to experience this fun tradition. We learned that all one needs for a successful Kraftskiva are some friends and a lot of freshly boiled crayfish. Therefore, we booked a restaurant that was able to accommodate a large group.

Skål arrived at the restaurant early so we could add some crayfish-related decor to the tables. In addition, we had negotiated with the manager to include a shot for everyone who attended that evening. The guests arrived hungry, thirsty, and ready to feast! We were fortunate to have a couple of Swedes join the group who taught everyone the Swedish chant, KRAFTSKIVA! Other traditional Swedish songs were sung, the crayfish hats and bibs were a huge hit, and our client was thrilled with the event.