Absolut Christmas Party

Client’s Request:

Our client wanted to hold a Christmas party for his staff to show his appreciation for all their hard work and dedication.  Given his busy schedule and job responsibilities, he did not have the time to secure a venue and plan the details so he reached out to Skål Celebrations.  He wanted his guests to arrive in style, be treated like royalty, enjoy good food with high quality, made-to-order cocktails and of course, dance the night away.



Without sufficient notice, booking a venue for Christmas can be a challenge for corporate event planners. The availability of space is limited and people are always so busy with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Skål had to act quickly to secure a venue that met all the client’s requirements and accommodated 100 people.  Fortunately, we had established connections with executives from Absolut Vodka and were able to secure the venue at the Atelier in Stockholm, Sweden.

This building was the home of Absolut and therefore, we were able to help our client offset some of the rental costs. And, with Absolut as a sponsor, guests were offered unlimited cocktails. Skål retained the services of a disc jockey and a caterer that provided delicious appetizers for this special evening. Knowing that attendees would be decked out for this magical event, we arranged for a long red carpet and hired a photographer. The guests felt like celebrities as the photographer snapped their photos along the red carpet. And, our client was pleased that we created a memorable evening for his 100 guests.