Stockholm Culture Night

Client’s Request:

Our client had executives in town who only had one evening to do something social. He wanted us to plan something that introduced the executives to Stockholm and all the city has to offer. Skål was asked to organize as many sights and tastes as possible into that one night.


Skål Celebrations put together an amazing and adventurous evening to meet the client’s wishes. It was Stockholm Culture Night when all museums in the area were free and open to the public. We split our client and his out-of-town executives into small groups and had them move from location to location visiting the various surrounding museums.

We arranged a kick off with cocktails at Mr. French, a restaurant/bar in Gamla Stan (a downtown area in the heart of Stockholm). Then, after visiting the museums, the group moved onto to dinner at Aifur Krog and Bar, a popular Viking restaurant. Knowing that Culture Night draws a very large crowd, Skål contacted the owner and the chef at the restaurant early on. To save time, we arranged for the guests to pre-order their meals two weeks prior to their arrival. Then, a week before the event and again the evening before, we met with the owner to confirm all the details and ensure that the executives would have an experience they would savour for a lifetime. And, they certainly did!