Client’s Request:

The Engineering Director at California-based Trimble was seeking a location for the division’s offsite retreat.  He indicated that it was to be a working ‘escape’ for the team and that they were willing to drive up to 2 hours. He was busy planning the business agenda for the retreat and therefore, did not have time to secure a location, book accommodations and leisure activities. 



Skål Celebrations researched and booked the accommodations for 30 employees. We booked a meeting space, planned all meals and leisure activities for the group. During the day, they gathered to discuss the mission of the company and the direction it was taking.  In their off time team members were able to connect and develop stronger relationships in a more relaxed atmosphere.

“Kayla and I worked together when organizing a company retreat . . . I always enjoyed working with her, and highly recommend her for any position or engagement in the field of event planning and management. She had many creative ideas, showed great initiative, was always willing to take on additional tasks, established personal and professional communication and relations to the vendors and made sure the event was a great success!” ~ Malte Seidler, former Engineering Director, Trimble. Click here for more rave reviews.