Stockholm International School – Langholmen Kajak

Client’s Request:

This client wanted an adventure, an outdoor activity and a healthy delightful Swedish lunch, but had a tight budget to work with.  They wanted to send a group of women to meet other expats so they could learn a bit more about the beautiful sights of Stockholm.  Unsure about what would be best, that would be enjoyed by all, and unable to coordinate the logistics of a luncheon, the client contacted Skål Celebrations for assistance.


After speaking with the client, we decided kayaking was a perfect adventure for everyone. To ensure that beginners and intermediates would enjoy the activity equally, the day started with a short introduction and safety lesson on kayaking. After they zipped up their life vests, the ladies were paired up with someone that had never met before. The goal was to create an opportunity for new friendships to be formed.

The group paddled around Langholmen and Remersholmen, two little islands that surround Stockholm, Sweden. They encountered breathtaking sights, sounds and wildlife along their journey.  Not only was the kayaking trip beautiful and relaxing, but everyone left with a new friend!  Mission accomplished.