Stockholm International School – Bike Sweden

Client’s Request:

After a successful kayak trip, the client wanted another exploratory outdoor adventure for their group of ladies to go experience Stockholm, Sweden.  Again, they were on a tight budget, but also wanted to include a lunch for the ladies to have the opportunity to meet and mingle


Skål Celebrations organized and booked a 3-hour bike tour of Stockholm, Sweden and arranged a delicious lunch at the end of the tour.  The ladies stopped at every interesting landmark and discovered a rich mix of historical and modern architecture along the way. They saw amazing views of Södermalm, Stockholm’s biggest island.

Their guide explained something of interest about each sight and answered any questions. He also pointed out various restaurants and shops that they could explore on their own at a later date.  Prior to the ride, each guest received a list of 10 items to look for during their bike ride. At the end of their lovely tour, those who were able to tell us where the items were located, won a small prize. The client was pleased that the outing was fun and educational for all involved.