Trivia and Karaoke Night at Oleary’s Tegnergatan

Client’s Vision:

By the time March hit, many Expats were homesick and our American clients were hungry for hamburgers and fries. We decided it was time to bring some USA to Sweden. We organized an American dinner at Oleary’s Pub followed by Karaoke. During dinner we played a couple rounds of Trivia! We found a very bright and reputable volunteer to organize trivia questions and answers, tailored to an International group.

Kayla’s Special:

We got acquainted with some of our clients early on and learned very quickly that they enjoyed being challenged. We knew we had to mix up the attendees at dinner to make the Trivia teams more equal. Prior to the date of the event, we asked for donations that we could use as prizes for the winning teams of the Trivia game. We received nice bottles of wine and liqueurs. This motivated the teams to a fun competition like no other.