Trimble Retreat

Client’s Vision:

We were asked to plan a 3 day off-site retreat for 30 employees from Trimble. Skål Celebrations worked out a proposal for three locations and after doing some research for them, Trimble chose to host their event at the Ridgeline Hotel in Estes Park. We coordinated the meals, the lodging, as well as the meeting room rentals and equipment. The event was a huge success and the retreat went smoothly because it was well planned and coordinated. The accommodations were beautiful, the food and service were exceptional. Most importantly, the Trimble team was able to bond while enjoying a little getaway.


Kayla’s Special:

Upon arrival each guest was given a glass of champagne along with their room keys. We made sure the concierge helped them to their rooms and treated them like royalty. We arranged for a small box of chocolates with a personalized “thank-you” note from their employer to be placed on each of their beds.