Stockholm Culture Night Aifur Krog and Bar

Client’s Vision:

We started this evening with drinks at Mr. French, a restaurant/bar in Gamla Stan (the cute old downtown area in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden) It was Stockholm Culture Night and all museums in the area were free and open to the public late. We organized our clients into small groups and they moved from location to location visiting the various surrounding museums. They all reunited for dinner at Aifur Krog and Bar, (a Viking restaurant in Gamla Stan), for an experience they will savour for a lifetime.

Kayla’s special:

We anticipated a huge crowd during Stockholm Culture Night. Prior to the date of the event, we contacted the restaurant owner and chef several times. We had all our guests pre-order their dish 2 weeks prior and then a week before coming in, we met with the owner and reminded him about the importance of having good service and delicious food for our clients. The night before we emailed him one last time to let him know our plans for the evening.