Mystery Night

This was my signature event! An invitation on was sent to a selected group of friends from Stockholm. They were given a date to reserve and a clue to the evening. Every week, these individuals would receive one clue about their upcoming night out and the final clue led to a meeting place and time. On May 28th, the group huddled on the corner of Sveagan and Radmansgatan and that is where their adventure began.

Surprise! Jeremy Speirs opened his patio and bar at Edringon, Stockholm to host our very own private cocktail making night. Peter Molander, Bar Tender Extraordinaire introduced us to some Whiskey cocktails and then we all made our own tasty creations.

The evening was only getting started. After many delicious cocktails we quickly walked 5 minutes to our next destination. Dinner at Farang restaurant. We sampled many delicious dishes from South East Asia!

After dinner we followed the man with the rainbow umbrella to our next destination. Escape Room! By then it was 11pm and we have had many drinks but the fun continued.

Our last stop was at Sturecompaniet, a popular nightclub in the centre of Stockholm! By then we had lost most of our friends. Only the tough ones stayed up dancing until sunrise.