Kaknastornet TV Tower

Client’s Vision:

It was a cold and cloudy day when this event began. We had about 40 guests signed up to attend this dinner up on the 28th floor of this TV Tower. The views were meant to be spectacular, but on that particular night, the clouds were angry and it started to drizzle as the guests were entering the building. The night got worse when both elevators broke at the beginning of the evening and the management team refused to let us use the stairs in fear of breaching the rules.

We had half the group upstairs enjoying cocktails and the other half downstairs waiting impatiently to join the group. We waited over an hour for the repairman to fix the elevators before the groups were reunited. In the end, the dinner was fantastic and the company was even better. Everyone quickly forgot the drama at the beginning of the evening and was able to relax and enjoy themselves.

Kayla’s Special:

As you can see we needed to think on the spot and make quick judgement calls. After 20mins of waiting for the elevators to be repaired and not knowing if it could be repaired that night, we quickly called several venues to see if they could accommodate the 20 odd guests that were stuck at the ground floor. We were about to book with one of the local restaurants near by when the elevators started working again.