Gamla Stans Polkagriskokeri

Client’s Vision:

We organized a tour of Gamla Stan Polkagriskokeri, in the heart of the Old Town of Stockholm. It sold nothing but old-fashioned candy canes and hard candies in all sorts of different flavors from classic peppermint to blueberry, wild strawberry, licorice, cloudberry, and more. The highlight of the store was the workshop, where staff hand-rolled and hand-cut the candy canes behind a pane of glass so shoppers were able watch the process. After the tour, we learned how to make our very own Swedish candy cane!

Kayla’s Special:

The Swede’s are very rule abiding citizens and rarely bend to make exceptions or favors for anyone. While negotiating a rate for this tour and lesson, we were able to convince the owner to give the group a 20% discount on any purchases they made on that day. Everyone sure stocked up for the holidays!