Presenting Skål Celebrations

Today, July 21st 2019 is one of the most exciting days of my life. I’m launching Skål Celebrations, the personal enterprise I’ve been dreaming about building now for many years. With its revamped website created by Ladner Studios, I’m able to showcase the variety of Events I’m capable of producing successfully. You’ll notice how my past experience and my positive energy will continue to help individuals celebrate with ease, the milestones of their lives and careers.

I first dreamt of a career in planning Events while I was teaching primary French Immersion students in Vancouver, Canada. When I moved to Stockholm, Sweden in 2014 I was blessed with the opportunity to exhibit my skills in an International platform full of expats. Upon returning to the US in 2017, I decided to pursue this passion of mine. But, being a non-resident from Canada, I had a variety of hurdles to overcome, one of which was to apply for a working permit. When that came through, I quickly organized Skål and began building my portfolio and website. A couple of months into starting my business, I got my first break.

The Engineering Director at Intelligent Construction Tools for Trimble, asked me to help him create a 3 day off-site retreat for 30 employees. I was beyond ecstatic for the opportunity. I told my closest friends and began working enthusiastically. The team building retreat was a huge success and the employees enjoyed their special bonding time in Estes Park, Colorado. Soon thereafter, due to unforeseen circumstances caused by my teenagers difficult time adjusting to their new life in Colorado, I decided with a heavy heart to put my dreams on hold to focus on my family.

Fast forward 6 months, my path crossed with They took the pieces of what I had started and remodeled my website and business, providing full support and guidance throughout the rebuild. No words can express the immense gratitude I have toward their time and dedication in helping me build my personal enterprise. Their attention to detail and professional advice provided me with the confidence I needed to pick up from where I left off and move forward. I now have the tools and the processes to pursue the career of my dreams, and share with the world my passion for event planning.

Please raise your champagne glasses as I toast to the successful launch of Skål Celebrations! And as the Swedes would say looking into each and everyone’s eyes. SKÅL (CHEERS) !!

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