8 Reasons Corporate Team Building Events Are Valuable for Your Business

While numbers and profitability are important to corporations, their success comes from the employees who work hard to achieve that profitability. Employees are the most valuable asset within a company. Don’t lose sight of the people that make your company what it is today. Consider corporate team building events.

Much like a marriage, nurturing your team – gathering them together for fun and exciting “dates” – is crucial for enhancing communication and strengthening the bonds between them (and you). By investing quality time with your staff, you will not only increase productivity and boost sales, you’ll enhance morale and build camaraderie.

Corporate team building events can range from simple in-house brainstorming activities to offsite trips that are as elaborate as a competitive scavenger hunt. No matter the scope of this type of corporate event, team building activities encourage creativity and increase motivation. Therefore, contributing to the ongoing success of your business.

Here are 8 reasons to consider corporate team building events:

  1. Bridges the gap between job titles.  Corporate team building events can successfully break the barriers between employers and their employees. Collaborating in positive team building events can bridge this gap and encourage the team to see one other as colleagues rather than boss and employee.
  2. Improves communication between employees and managers. Did you know that, according to research reported by SHRM* (Society for Human Resource Management), about half of employees don’t regularly speak their minds at work—whether to colleagues or managers? Corporate team building events can open the lines of communication. Employees who feel acknowledged and heard are more likely to express themselves openly to you (their manager/supervisor) as well as to their fellow team members.
  3. Encourages collaboration among peers. In today’s world where many team members may be working remotely from other states, or even countries, bringing them together in person gives them the opportunity to connect on a deeper, more personal level. Putting the name with a face helps nurture collaborative relationships among personnel. With the creation of online games, when an in-person event isn’t possible, virtual team building (with an emcee to facilitate) can also be done in a fun and engaging way.
  4. Promotes conflict resolution and problem-solving skills. When an issue appears challenging or at a standstill, a corporate team building event can create a safe environment where everyone feels their input matters. Given the opportunity to air their concerns, solutions can be considered, discussed openly, and agreed upon collectively.
  5. Provides a friendly environment to meet and mingle. Many employees who work together may not get to socialize outside of the office often enough. One of the most important benefits of a properly-planned team building event is that it provides an amicable and cordial atmosphere where employees in different departments or divisions can connect and new friendships can be formed.
  6. Builds trust. When employees are gathered in a relaxed setting and given a team building task outside the scope of their daily office activities, they are likely to participate on a different level than they would at work. Organized team building events that allow them to engage and let their guard down can boost team performance. When this kind of trust is created between colleagues, they become enthusiastic about not only setting viable goals, but working collaboratively toward achieving those goals.
  7. Motivates employees to think creatively. Stepping outside the office setting can set the tone for a more relaxed environment – one where employees feel more comfortable expressing themselves on a different level. Well-executed team building activities where responses are welcomed – not judged – can get their creative “juices flowing” and facilitate feelings of innovation among team members.
  8. Uncovers leadership qualities. When you want to see who shines as a leader, team building activities can identify a member’s strengths (as well as weaknesses) and interests. Does one person seem to encourage others or start managing the team building task at hand? You may be familiar with their abilities in the corporate work environment, but an offsite event can reveal how people behave outside of the office in a less stressful setting.

Investing time and money in your employees shows them that you care about their success. They are more likely to reciprocate the investment you put in them, by putting their enthusiastic energy into achieving the goals of your company. As a result, this promotes positive behavior that makes businesses thrive.

Based in the Denver/Boulder metro area, the corporate event planners at Skål Celebrations organize well-planned, engaging corporate team building events. We open the doors to opportunities for your team members to bond with one another as well as receive recognition for their hard work and dedication.

Source: https://www.shrm.org/resourcesandtools/hr-topics/employee-relations/pages/communication-.aspx

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