About Us

Kayla Carter

Owner, Skål Celebrations
Nice to meet you!

I live for planning parties. I love creating opportunities for people to meet, mingle and make new connections. A memorable event has to be organized so that guests can feel spontaneous. The food, the drinks, the atmosphere and the location all have to seem effortless, despite everything that goes on behind the scenes. My specialty is coming up with off-beat locations and activities that allow people to try something new and exciting. When I plan a party or event, you will enter as a guest, relax, let go, and have fun. I drive a hard bargain to make sure all my clients get the best deals on everything!

In the beginning of my career, I was a primary French immersion teacher in Vancouver, Canada. I have a Bachelor of Arts in French and a Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia. The most exciting part of my career was planning holiday events for the school community - my colleagues, the students and their parents. It was through this time as a French teacher that I found my true passion for event planning.

From 2014-2016 I had the opportunity to plan events for the expats of Stockholm International School in Sweden. I came up with unique outtings and creative adventures to bring the expats together. These events were wildly successful in creating a close-knit, supportive community abroad. I connected individuals from all over the world as they learned about the culture, history and beauty of Stockholm, Sweden. This led to the creation of Skål Celebrations. I moved to Boulder, Colorado in August of 2017. I'm thoroughly enjoying the clean fresh air, the constant sunshine and the happy and healthy people I meet on a daily basis. I quickly became involved with local groups such as Modmoms, Boulder Hiker Chicks and Les Nanas du Coin. Shortly thereafter, I began working with the Downtown Boulder Partnership as an Event Manager. Later, I joined the City of Boulder events team as their Seasonal Event Coordinator.

In July 2019 I launched skalcelebrations.com. I now plan events on an individual basis. Through Skål, I'm able to create amazing, unforgettable memories tailored specifically for each client.